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Genres: Drama
Actors: Joanne Woodward , Nell Potts , Roberta Wallach , Judith Lowry , David Spielberg , Richard Venture , Carolyn Coates , Will Hare , Estelle Omens , Jess Osuna , Ellen Dano , Lynne Rogers , Roger Serbagi , John Lehne , Michael Kearney
Director: Paul Newman
Country: United States
Year: 1972
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 (852 votes)

From the Pullizer Prize winning play by Paul Zindel, this is the story of Beatrice Hunsdorfer and her daughters, Ruth and Matilda. A middle-aged widowed eccentric, Beatrice is looking for her life in the classified ads while all about her is the rubble of an unkempt house. All she needs is the right opportunity, she says puffing on a cigarette. Poorly equipped to survive the vagaries of modern life, she has nonetheless always managed to muddle through. Ruth, epileptic and making her way through the rebellious phase of adolescence, seems doomed to make the same mistakes as her mother. Quiet Matilda, on the other hand, seeks refuge in her animals and her schoolwork. “Jesus, don’t you hate the world, Matilda?” Beatrice asks her youngest daughter. The title of the film is also the subject of Matilda’s science project at school and serves as a metaphor for the way life affects each of us differently — how some are able to find opportunity in adversity and thrive and how some succumb when the burden becomes too heavy. This is the story of slowly drowning and grasping desperately for a lifeline only to find that there’s none there and you must save yourself. “No, Mama,” Matilda says, “I don’t hate the world.” (Nell Potts, who stars as Matilda, is the stage name of Eleanor Newman — Joanne Woodward’s real-life daughter. She also appeared as the young Rachel in *Rachel, Rachel*.)

Film Review

A wonderful movie, 1972's The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds stars Joanne Woodward as Mrs. Beatrice Hunsdorfer, an unhappy widowed woman who struggles to cope with daily life while raising two teenage daughters. Paul Newman's directing is superb and given two thumbs up. I first saw this film at my grandparents' home back in the early '90s, and loved it right away. There are a number of things going wrong for Mrs. Hunsdorfer: her husband died in the Korean War and she's left with the responsibility of raising her girls while living in a messy house, she has no job and stays home reading the ads in the local newspaper. She then takes in an elderly lady, known as "Nanny" (Judith Lowry) to get some income. Nanny's presence in the movie is wonderful, though she doesn't speak. Her daughters have issues of their own as well: Matilda (or Tillie) is growing marigolds that were dipped in radioactivity for a science project, and Ruth is wa…

I really loved this movie. I felt that special dark, good, funky feeling. Very strange and good. I know it was said that Jo Ann Woodward was good in this. I am not a big Jo Ann fan. I think she was just playing her same old character again, as in all her movies. In this case, though, the movie carried her wonderfully!


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