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Genres: Drama , Music , Musical
Actors: Michael Blevins , Yamil Borges , Jan Gan Boyd , Sharon Brown , Gregg Burge , Michael Douglas , Cameron English , Tony Fields , Nicole Fosse , Vicki Frederick , Michelle Johnston , Janet Jones , Pam Klinger , Audrey Landers , Terrence Mann
Director: Richard Attenborough
Country: United States
Year: 1985
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 (5482 votes)

A director is casting dancers for a large production. Large numbers of hopefulls audition, hoping to be selected. Throughout the day, more and more people are eliminated, and the competition gets harder. Eventually, approximately a dozen dancers must compete for a few spots, each hoping to impress the director with their dancing skill. But, is this really what the director is looking for?

Film Review

As many reviewers here have noted, the film version differs quite a bit from the stage version of the story. I have never seen the stage version of the story, and therefore I have a more favorable review of the film than many other reviewers. Perhaps Richard Attenborough was not the best choice for director of the film, but the film is still an entertaining account of several dancers trying to make the big time in choreographer Michael Douglas' show. The film does right by not selecting any famous actors or performers to wind up in the final try-out group. This way our attention is focused on the dancers' movements and individual stories and struggles as they unfold during a marathon day of try-outs. Douglas is also probably not the best choice for the part. Apparently some songs were cut out in favor of a new one, and the backstage cliché-ridden story of a romantic liaison between a dancer and the choreographer was added. I have to say in all fairness this was the weak…

Occasionally, it would appear, I actually do see the same movie as the majority of other posters. This is a case in point. Like many of those who have posted here I saw the stage version albeit in London rather than Broadway and it was light years ahead of this strangely insipid film. Like other posters I question the wisdom of engaging Richard Attenborough to direct a dynamic Broadway musical or engage Michael Douglas to personify what in the stage version was a disembodied voice. In the theatre the finale, 'One', staged if full costume, was a tour de force, because although we had seen fragments of rehearsal it still made an impact like a pile-driver whereas here it is merely a competent, well-drilled routine. There is perhaps some merit or at least interest in a movie musical in which the bulk of the score is performed almost in passing with a couple of solos just for show but overall we're talking major disappointment.

I'm not a stage purist. A movie could have been made of this play, and it would almost necessarily require changes… comme ci, comme ca. But the modest conceits of this material are lost or misunderstood by the movie's creators who are in full-on "shallow blockbuster" mode. It would be hard to imagine a worse director. Perhaps only Josh Logan & Jack Warner could have ruined this in the same way Attenborough did.Onstage A Chorus line was a triumph of workshopping as a production method. Dancers answering a casting call found themselves sitting around shooting the crap about their stage-career experiences (very 70s!). Then Bennett and Hamlisch took some time, handed them a song and cast them as themselves. …astonishing! Unbelievably modern. The 'story'of ACL is (in turn) about answering a casting call for a play we never have a complete view of, because the play doesn't matter. It was meta before the idea was invented, 25 years before Adaptation nood…


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